How to pack for a weekend getaway

As I’m starting my travel for 2019 I thought I would share how I pack efficiently! When planning for a “weekend” getaway, I always plan out what I’m going to wear prior to packing. The procrastinator in me takes a backseat when it comes to packing for my trips because I definitely can’t wing it, especially if I’m only taking a carry one (I use the Away Bigger Carry one & love it!). It’s easier to travel with just a carry on, and if you have TSA pre-check, you can show up an hour-ish before your flight (thankfully the Austin airport is small), and still have plenty of time to grab snacks and board the plane. I may just have jinxed myself by saying that! Most of my friends reading this are probably laughing because I’ve had so many close calls trying to make flights last year, luckily I didn’t miss any!

Most of my trips are 2-3 days, so this is why a carry on is easy for me & I always ends up wearing 99% of what I have in my suitcase.


  1. Minimal amount of shoes- I try to choose outfits that will go with the same pair of shoes, so they take up less space in my suitcase. Depending on the season, I will typically have one pair of booties or OTK boots, a pair of heels (depending on the type of trip), and one pair of flip flops.

  2. One pair of pajama’s, because it’s usually only two nights

  3. Toiletries- I only pack exactly what I’m going to use, I have travel size toiletries of everything, and condense down my makeup to my staple products. 

  4. Sweater- I always travel with my barefoot dreams cozy cardigan, it’s the best for the airplane because lord knows I’m always freezing on the plane.

  5. Outfits based on what I have planned- I know exactly what I’m going to wear each day and I usually only pack one extra outfit, just in case..

  6. A generous sized hand bag- I usually travel with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, but let’s be real- it doesn’t have to be a fancy bag, just something that is big enough to hold my Ipad, makeup bag, chargers, battery packs, etc.

This is how I packed for my 3 day trip to Scottsdale-

I don’t photograph every outfit- but here’s an example of how I maximize the space in my suitcase:

Day outfit # 1

Day outfit # 1

Day outfit #2

Day outfit #2

The accessories and shoes are the same for both outfits, but the actual outfit is different. This allows for the outfit to take minimal space in my suitcase!

What are efficient ways you pack your carry on suitcase?

XO, Stephanie