My Favorite Purchases of 2018

Here is a roundup of my favorite purchases of 2018 that I would highly recommend- some of these are a little bit of a splurge, but I promise I would not be recommending them if I did not whole heartedly LOVE the item!

  1. Away Luggage- I bought the Bigger Carry on & The Medium Suitcase and I am obsessed! I was able to use my bigger carry on for most of my trips in 2018 and it was the perfect size for 2-3 day trips!


2. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- This is the coziest travel sweater you will ever own

LW9BLIS_028603_1 (1).jpeg

#3. Lululemon Backpack- loved this purchase and looking forward to getting more use out of it in 2019! The only slight complaint I have is that I wish the straps were a little big longer.

air pods.jpeg

#4. Air pods- My favorite travel accessory! I found myself traveling with these more than my Bose headphones this year, I think because they are so compact and lightweight compared to my Bose headphones. From traveling, to working out- i use these all of the time and they were well worth it!


#5. Gucci Marmont Bag- This was definitely a pricier purchase, but I was really looking for a classy black bag and fell in love with it! I love that the straps are versatile and you can wear it as a longer bag or double up the straps and wear it a little shorter. I don’t buy designer bags that often, but have really gotten good use of the ones I do own, and this one is a the top of my favorites!


#6. Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo & Conditioner- The has become one of my favorite hair products, my hair has never looked or felt as good as it does after using this line of shampoo & conditioner


#7. Chantecaille perfume- This one was a gift, and not technically a purchase- but I am obsessed! It’s not a scent I would normally go for, and it first it seemed a little strange to me, but I freaking LOVE it! Kuddos to the gift giver that gave me this ;)


#8. Statement Earrings- I have been loving the Uncommon James Girl Boss earrings, and would definitely recommend! I received them as a gift, and absolutely love them!!

#9. DIFF Sunglasses- The perfect pair of black sunnies, I wear these almost every day!


#10. Target Pajama Pants- the brand is Gilligan O’ Malley, and they’re currently out of stock….but I am seriously obsessed!


XO, Stephanie