Microblading Experience

I never really thought I’d be into getting my eyebrows microbladed- mostly because, I’m so scared of needles, etc. and the thought of a blade cutting tiny strokes onto my face seemed so terrifying. Even typing that made me cringe a little…

This post is not to terrify anyone from getting them done, because it was all worth it! I am literally obsessed with the subtle change on my brows, that has made the biggest difference! Also, to be completely honest...the pain was not bad, but I did cringe a little with the smell of the numbing cream and hearing my skin getting cut into. And to be even more brutally honest, I’d be lying if I didn’t include the fact that I got nauseous and threw up right after. I partly blame this on getting car sick, but I felt like I should probably disclose that small detail. Talk about a weak stomach…

I don’t think I’d trust anyone with my brows, aside from my brow girl in Austin (who has waxed my brows the past 4 years), and the brow goddess, Brenda Pedraza.

I met Brenda a year ago, and have been amazed at her talent with brows ever since! I knew if I were to get my eyebrows microbladed, it would be by her (even if I did have to travel to Phoenix to get them done)! 

Here is my before/after -

Before & After, Feb 1, 2019

Before & After, Feb 1, 2019

The healing for me was such a breeze- I think the hardest part was not getting them wet for several days. They were also initially hard to get used to, because they definitely were darker initially, until they scabbed over (which wasn’t bad for me) and healed.

6 weeks later….

It is recommend that you get them touched up 4-6 weeks after your first appointment, so this week I traveled back to Phoenix, literally for a day trip, to go do my touch up (thank you Southwest points, I was essentially able to go for free).

Here are photos of this round of touch ups-

This is after she was completed with the touch up

This is after she was completed with the touch up

Here is another after photo where you can see a full shot of the brows

Here is another after photo where you can see a full shot of the brows

They do go through a healing process again, like the first time, so right now they are much darker (they get darker after the first day), but they will lighten up and look like this again once they have healed!

I would love feedback on your microblading experience or any questions you may have about the process and/or my experience that I didn’t cover in this post!

If you’re in the Phoenix area, contact Brenda so she can work some magic on your brows-

Instagram.com/browsbybrendaa - you can book through the link in her instagram bio!

XO, Stephanie