Stagecoach 2019

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I have always wanted to go to Stagecoach, and this year finally pulled the trigger & decided to go all out! I know the way we planned our trip wasn’t the most affordable…but I’m going to share all of the details so if you’re planning on going in the future you can hopefully find some helpful tips, do’s & dont’s and learn from my experience!


To start off, flights were NOT cheap at all. I normally fly Southwest, because they are pretty affordable and fly most places, with the exception of Palm Springs (closest airport). I booked my flight through United, and it had a connection in Denver (which actually worked out perfect because my other two girlfriends going on the trip were on the last leg of the flight.


We had originally planned on getting General Admission tickets, then all of a sudden found ourselves splurging for the Corral Pit Tickets (VIP). Not going to try to lie and say they weren’t pricey, but they were definitely worth every penny. We were the closest to the stage, had private bars with food, picnic tables, and all of this was worth it because the days were long and hot!

The awesome thing when buying tickets is that you can do a payment plan if needing, so you don’t have to spend so much money all at once.

If you can’t swing the expensive VIP ticket prices, I would still get General Admission and make it happen! You are way further from the stage, but live music is live music!


Safari Campgrounds/Luxury RV Rental- we rented an RV, which worked out perfect for us! We opted to do the Safari campground (VIP) vs. the General Admission campground, and it was definitely worth it! The Safari campsite was really quiet and peaceful, and perfect if you wanted a quiet morning/evening away from the chaos of the festival. We had great perks like golf cart transportation, an A/C lounge that had drinks and free breakfast and late night snacks, music, and tv’s that streamed the festival. You do have to have a VIP ticket in order to get the VIP (Safari) campsite, so that’s definitely something to note! We rented an RV, and it was dropped off/picked up with ease, which was nice for us! We had it dropped off on Thursday (you get access to the campgrounds a day early if you are staying onsite), and had it picked up on Sunday after we left!

General Admission camp site- this is where the party is definitely happening at all hours of the day! It is very rowdy, and I’m not sure how much sleep people are actually getting at these campgrounds! It looks like a ton of fun, and if I was in college, this would definitely be where I would want to party! I felt a little too old for that much partying, so I’m glad I didn’t have to be a part of it!

Air BnB- if you’re traveling with a big group, I would definitely look into renting a house! Some of these house have their own pools and look like they would be so fun! I can only imagine how expensive this would be, and our group wasn’t big enough so this just wasn’t an option. You also have to take into consideration how far you are from the festival, and how expensive the Uber’s will be to/from the festival grounds.


We had golf cart transportation available from our campground to the festival/stage areas, and Uber was also available when we needed to get off the festival grounds. The plus of having the Safari passes was that we were able to walk to a different entrance to get picked up/dropped off, instead of having to wait in the horrendous Uber lines where the official pick up was.

VIP vs. General Admission

if you can swing it, I would say to definitely spend the money to do the VIP experience, only because the “perks” are worth it. You are so much closer to the stage and can actually see the artists, there’s shorter lines for food and drinks, and plenty of areas to sit and relax when you need a break from the chaos. With General Admission, once you’re in you can’t leave for the day- so this makes it hard to come and go, and with the awful Uber lines this probably isn’t a good idea anyway.

Festival Essentials to Pack

Bandana’s - it is so dusty, you will need something to cover your face with
Koozies- to keep the beer cold
Hat/Baseball caps- you’re in the dessert, so definitely necessary
Comfortable shoes
Fanny Pack