Excellence Playa Mujeres

This year I finally decided to plan a trip for my 30th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than a girls trip to Mexico with some of my very best friends! We chose to go to Excellence Playa Mujeres for 4 Days, 3 nights. It was a quick weekday getaway, but was just enough time to get a little escape from work and reset!

Playa Mujeres is located about 30 minutes north of Cancun, so if you’re looking to be part of the nightlife- I would recommend staying in Cancun. I didn’t mind being far from the party scene, because that wasn’t the kind of trip I was looking to take. This was more of a rest and relaxation with my closest girls, and I absolutely loved the resort for that! It was fairly quiet, and definitely not a party resort..we actually were probably the only group that wasn’t on a couple’s vacation or honeymoon, but it didn’t bother me one bit.

Flights- Flights to get to Cancun were so reasonably priced, and you can fly nonstop from Austin to Cancun so this was definitely a plus!


Transportation- The resort offered private transportation that we were able to book prior to arrival, so getting from the Airport to the Resort was Seamless, and we had complimentary Coronitas on the ride, and champagne upon arrival to the resort.

Excursion- We did a day excursion on the second day of our trip, and took a private sail boat over to Isla Mujeres, and it was hands down the funnest day we had on the trip! We rented the boat for 5 hours, and divided by 6 people, it was fairly inexpensive and totally worth it! When we got to Isla Mujeres, we rented golf carts and explored the island, which was the cutest little island that I had never been to! We got drinks and an appetizer from Palapa del Capitan, and it was probably the best Guacamole i’ve had in a long long time.


Excellence Club- Two of our rooms were VIP and considered what they call “Excellence Club”, and to be quite honest- I didn’t see the benefit of paying the extra few hundred dollars for the VIP services. In General, the staff for the “regular” amenities were much nicer than the VIP, and I used the regular amenities much more than the VIP.

The beach at Excellence Playa Mujeres

The beach at Excellence Playa Mujeres